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Arioso Systems GmbH – A Fraunhofer IPMS spin-off

Arioso Systems is a Fraunhofer IPMS spin-off for commercializing the NED μSpeaker technology.
We have an exclusive license agreement with Fraunhofer IPMS on NED μSpeaker technology for audio applications worldwide.

Our product portfolio includes general purpose and customized MEMS and ASIC designs. We are a fabless design house with a B2B business model providing the first all-silicon MEMS μSpeaker technology.


Become No. 1 supplier of µSpeaker technology for the ultra-mobile audio world.


Our aim is to provide high-fidelity µSpeaker technology designs for mobile audio reproduction, far superior in size and power efficiency, and based on standard silicon technology with the potential to claim cost-leadership in mass markets.


  • We tailor our goals to suit our customers’ needs.
  • We work to satisfy the interests of all our stakeholders: customers, employees and shareholders.
  • We love what we do. 
  • We deliver on all our promises with integrity in mind.
  • We are committed to quality and continuous development.
  • We believe in learning every step of the way.
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