Founding Team: Hermann Schenk

Hermann Schenk
Managing Director

Hermann Schenk has over 30 years of experience in managing deep tech teams and companies in chemistry and the semiconductor field with B2B business model. He was founder and CEO of Covion Organic Semiconductors GmbH, commercializing OLED materials. After the sale to Merck, he served as managing director of Freiberger Compound Materials GmbH (FCM), a leading supplier of III/V- semiconductors. His recent research contributions are centered around novel modelling techniques for MEMS systems.

Jan Blochwitz-Nimoth
Managing Director

Jan Blochwitz-Nimoth has more than 20 years of experience in managing deep tech teams and companies in the organic semiconductor field. He was founder and CTO/CSO of Novaled, a startup that was sold in 2014 to a group of Samsung companies. Later on, he was active as business consultant and business angel. Jan is responsible for finance and administration at our company.

Lutz Ehrig
Head of Technical Marketing &
New Business Development

Lutz Ehrig joined the MEMS µSpeaker team at Fraunhofer IPMS in 2017 to contribute his experience in acoustics and audio technology. Before he had worked in various fields of acoustics including the development of new loudspeaker technologies, for more than 10 years. As a member of the founding team Lutz oversees the technical marketing and business development.

Holger Conrad
Head of MEMS Production and Development

Holger Conrad is the inventor of the electrostatic driving principle of Arioso’s µSpeakers and has over 17 years of experience in MEMS design and MEMS technology. He worked for 8 years on the basic technology of bimorph type electrostatic microactuators and was business unit manager at Fraunhofer IPMS before he joined Arioso Systems. Holger manages the development of the MEMS design.

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