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On March 25, we participated at Tech Tour Future 21. Our successful participation was also noted by major financial intelligence platform Mergermarket. Following an interview with our Managing Director, Jan Blochwitz-Nimoth, Mergermarket published an article highlighting our growth, financing strategies as well as our objectives. 
Our CEO reported among other things on our preparations for Series A: „[Our] company is interested in raising the funds from venture capital firms with expertise in deep tech and with deep pockets […].” When asked if we would also welcome US investors, Jan Blochwitz-Nimoth confirmed we would, “both to broaden [our] Europe-centric ownership and because a large proportion of [our] customers is in the region […].” We plan to be more active in discussions with investors in the third quarter of this year, therefore we are looking for interested parties. Our aim is to complete our Series A in the first half of 2022. 
Jan also said, „[we] plan to use the new capital to further develop [our] micro-speaker chip and prepare to commercialize it in 2024.“ Our goal is to become the number one provider of micro speaker technology for the ultra-mobile audio world. The article also explained that our microspeakers are easily scalable for mass markets, because they are CMOS compatible and thus widespread MEMS production capacities can be used.

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Arioso Systems at Tech Tour Future21

As an award winner of the Tech Tour Deep Tech Programme 2020 in the category Hardware & Systems, we are honored to participate at Tech Tour Future21. Our goal is to exchange and network with Europe’s leading tech entrepreneurs and investors. Furthermore, we would like to extend the circle of our investors. 
Tech Tour Future21 is taking place from 24th till 26th of March. Our Managing Director, Jan Blochwitz-Nimoth is holding a company presentation in the presentation slot Digital Deeptech I on 25th of March between 2.15-3.15 p.m. CET.

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We are publicized in the January edition of the audioXpress magazine.

In the article „Electrostatic Pure Silicon Microspeakers for Wireless Earbuds“ of the audioXpress magazin January 2021 edition we explore how smart earbudes provide voice-controlled access to advanced Internet services. Read more about how our MEMS microspeaker, based on CMOS-compatible materials and manufacturing processes, is contributing to the next generation of wireless earbuds and how we apply pure silicon technology to create sound from the smallest of volumes. Read the full article here.

AudioXpress Cover January 2021


Concept and proof for an all-silicon MEMS micro speaker utilizing air chambers    

A small-gap electrostatic micro-actuator for large deflections    


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