Extremely small, highly energy-efficient, and easily scalable.

Our µSpeakers have what it takes in the rapidly evolving world of smart in-ear devices.

Standard or customized designs – we’re ready to match specific market requirements.

Enabling the Future of Voice and Hearables

The future of Internet will be voice controlled. We envision true wireless earphones and hearables to become the major interfaces and platforms for innovative audio and voice-based technologies. That includes hearing-aids, integrating more and more AI functionalities.

Components for smart in-ear devices must be increasingly small, light, efficient and scalable to meet the market’s needs. More and more functionalities demand for smaller form factors and expanded battery run time.

Voice assistant concept
Our small µSpeaker for in-ear audio devices

Unleashing the Integration Potential

We support the fast-growing market of TWS earphones and hearables. And the further enhancements of professional hearing-aids and in-ear monitors. Our small and energy efficient components enable our clients to integrate their innovations into in-ear audio devices.

We are seeking to work with audio brands all over the world, to match our core technology with specific market requirements.

Standard and Customized Designs

All our products are available in general purpose designs, customized designs, or IP-core licences.

With its unique features, we are convinced that our technology has the potential for market leadership in in-ear audio reproduction for mass markets. 

MEMS µSpeakers
Our MEMS µSpeaker Design

MEMS Microspeaker Designs

We are designing MEMS µSpeakers with the capability of delivering 100 dB SPL per mm² chip area for in-ear audio applications. With a chip area of only 10 mm² a sound pressure level of 120 dB can be achieved. The electrostatic push-pull driving principle makes a highly linear audio reproduction possible.

MEMS manufacturing allows for small electrode gaps and thus for low electrical capacitances significantly below 1 nF and for driving voltages below 50 V which will be provided by the ASIC Driving Circuit.


ASIC Driving Circuit

ASIC Driving Circuit

To unleash the full potential of our MEMS µSpeakers, a new amplifier architecture has been designed tailored to our electrostatic µSpeakers. We are working on a fully integrated plug-and-play solution with a maximum of audio performance and energy efficiency.

Our target: Driving Arioso’s µSpeaker with a power drain of significantly less than 3 mW in all application scenarios, providing a standard audio interface and a common battery supply.

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